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13th July 2010

To All Master /Mobile /members,


RE: TV and Newspapers

On  1st July 2010, several networking company products including our  Tricajus  were taken  by KKM  (kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia) for lab test and analysis to ascertain whether  they contain sildenafil (a harmful drug used in erectile stimulant products). This is due to the market being over flooded with products promoting sex drive.

Firstly, we need to be clear about Tricajus that is the product is best in balancing hormone, Increase stamina, and treat high blood, diabetes and control stress. However, with regards to the recent incident with KKM concerning Tricajus, we understand that since a report has been made, KKM had to do their job to investigate and ensure that Tricajus do not contain Sildenafil.

TV and newspaper has always been good publicity. Our Product Tricajus may have appeared in TV and newspaper, however, since our products were not tested on the same day, there was no mention of our brand Tricajus specifically. Such be the case it is not right for any party to pass negative judgement on Tricajus until confirmation on the test result has been made by KKM. So let us all be patience and wait for the result from KKM.

In the meantime, we like to consider the above incident a blessing in disguise. We believe that some of our existing members may still be curious whether Tricajus really contain Sildernafil.  Therefore, once KKM have completed their test on Tricajus for Sildernafil  with negative results, then all doubts about Tricajus will be cleared and it will serve as a great advantage to all our existing  members. Our products will be much easier to promote to all new members as TV and newspaper had created Tricajus awareness to the public.

Please take note that our office and all master stockist are still operating business as usual. For the benefit of new members, please note that Tricajus had an insurance policy.  Those familiar with insurance, will definitely understand that before any insurance company were to issue coverage against any products they will have performed their own lab test before a policy is issued.


 Thank You.


The Management of Kanzzs.


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